An intimate water full of features and fish...

Ralph’s Lake, the smaller of our 2 syndicate lakes and is commonly known by our syndicate members as a ‘runs’ water, due to its fantastic levels of stock. Set at the rear of the fishery surrounded by lots of interesting nature, Ralph’s Lake is perfect for both day and evening sessions, as you can almost always guarantee a few runs.

As with Lenny’s Lake, Ralph’s Lake is dedicated to our syndicate members, no pleasure anglers or guests are allowed on either lake. For more information on the syndicate membership we offer, please see our Syndicate Membership page.

Ralph’s lake has a huge stocking of double figure carp along with Catfish to 40lb+. Although the carp in Ralph’s Lake are a smaller average stamp in comparison to Lenny’s Lake, Ralph’s Lake has 17 pegs that are all capable of producing numbers of carp in a quick session with many members catching 10+ fish on a regular basis in one session.

Besides the target carp and catfish, Ralph’s Lake also contains a fantastic head of specimen silverfish with 2lb+ perch along with a huge population of bream, skimmers and roach. This small intimate water holds lots of features and snags such as reeds, lily pads, over hanging trees and weed patches and is perfect for those anglers who are after an action packed day in beautiful surroundings.

What You Need To Know...


3.5 acres (1.4ha)
Pegs: 17




Carp (20lbs+)
Catfish (40lbs+)

Best Baits

Boilies, pellets, corn, meat and deadbaits.


The large head of carp Ralph’s Lake hold are often caught using traditional carp tactics with lead clips / helicopter rigs being the common choice of our syndicate members. With areas of the lake bed being soft in places, the use of light leads or a helicopter rig are a must.

Fish can be caught from all 17 swims with the near bank features this lake has (lily pads, reeds over hanging trees and weed beds) being popular areas that our members target.

The choice of baits can be very personal to the angler with a large selection of different baits proving to be successful. However, small parcels of bait such as PVA sticks or bags, filled with fishery pellets and chopped boilies can very effective with wafters and popups being the chosen hook baits. During the warmer months Ralph’s Lake can produce some fantastic sport to those active anglers who enjoy stalking and surface fishing.