The original lake on the Johnson's fishery...

Hollywood Strip is the original lake built on the Hollywood Lakes complex and is very similar to a stretch of river or canal.

It is approximately 450 metres long, 30 metres wide with an average depth of around 10 feet and parking available behind every peg. The Lake holds a huge head of Carp which average between 3lb-12lb, together with a few fish approaching 20lbs in weight.

Carp are the main target species in this lake although there are enough F1’s, Crucians, Skimmers, Perch and Tench to give the silverfish angler a chance to compete when the carp are reluctant to feed.

Peg Locations

What You Need To Know...


3.2 acres (1.3ha)
Pegs: 30 (1-30)


up to 10ft


Bronze / Silver Bream
Crucian Carp

Best Baits:

Pellets, paste, corn, meat, maggots and casters.


The venue lends itself to a variety of tactics including the pellet waggler, method feeder or bomb to the far bank with long and short pole, both shallow and on the deck also being equally effective.

If carp are the target species, the fishery 8mm and 11mm pellets are without doubt the standout bait, although meat, corn and paste can also be deadly in the correct conditions.

When the weather is cooler, the deeper water down the middle can is the main area to target.

The silverfish tend to respond well to the fishery 4mm and 6mm expanders fished over a bed of 2mm micro pellets. Maggots, casters, worms, corn, meat and paste can also be effective for the silverfish this lake has to offer.


Hollywood Strip can only be fished in pre-booked and open matches.

No practice or pleasure fishing is allowed. We feel that by restricting this lake to matches only, the use of the lake is preserved, generating larger weights for our match anglers all year round. If you wish to book a match with us please get in contact with us and we will do our upmost to accommodate you for the dates you require.

For more information on match bookings please see our Match Bookings page.