Becoming one of the most popular catfish waters in the country...

The North and South lakes along with the Oak Tree Pond are day ticket only lakes that are solely for the pleasure angler, guaranteeing available pegs at all times. No advanced booking is required, just simply turn up on your chosen day and enjoy the fantastic fishing that this pond offers. For more information on day ticket fishing incl. prices, please see our Day Ticket Fishing page.

Night fishing is also available on both the North and South Lakes. However, night fishing can ONLY be undertaken from the double pegs and a reservation/booking MUST be made in advance.

You can only fish in the hours darkness from the double peg you have booked. We have 5 double pegs available for night fishing, 2 on the North Lake (The High Bank and The Grassy Bank) and 3 on the South Lake (The Point, The Birches and The Boards). For more information on night fishing incl. prices, please see our Night Fishing page.

Both the North and South Lakes are rapidly becoming one of the most popular Catfish waters in the country. Both lakes have a fantastic stock of carp and catfish and growth rates along with successful natural breeding of the catfish over the recent years has been exceptionally good.

Aside from the carp and catfish, the North and South Lakes also contain a really good stock of silverfish that are also a fantastic stamp with roach and rudd reaching 2lb+ along with quality skimmers and larger Bream to over 7lb.

Peg Locations

What You Need To Know...


North Lake - 1.1 acres (0.5ha)
South Lake - 2.0 acres (0.8ha)
North Lake - 13 pegs + 2 x Double’s
South Lake - 18 pegs + 3 x Double’s




Carp (25lbs+)
Catfish (50lbs+)
Crucian Carp
Bronze / Silver Bream
Tench / Golden Tench

Best Baits

Meat, boilies, pellets and corn.


The specimen anglers targeting the catfish have huge success fishing large chunks of meat over a bed of fishery pellets or boilies.

Traditional carp tactics are used for the carp with boilies or fishery pellets being the chosen baits.

With both lakes being relatively deep, zig-rigs and floating baits prove to be very successful on those warmer days.

If you are looking to target the fantastic silverfish sport these lakes offer, traditional feeder tactics work really well for those larger skimmers and bream that reside in the deeper water.

If you are after a real mixed bag, the pole or waggler, fished up in the water with maggots or casters often produces a fantastic days fishing.