Solely for the pleasure angler...

The Oak Tree Pond, along with the North and South Lakes is a day ticket only pond that is solely for the pleasure angler, guaranteeing available pegs at all times. No advanced booking is required, just simply turn up on your chosen day and enjoy the fantastic fishing that this pond offers.

For more information on day ticket fishing incl. prices, please see our Day Ticket Fishing page.

Oak Tree Pond is perfect for anglers of all ability and offers excellent sport all year round. If you are an angler who is just starting, and experienced match or specimen angler, then the Oak Tree Pond is perfect for you as it caters for all your needs and is a brilliant pond to get bites, even on the hardest of days, due to the fantastic stocking of a wide variety of species of all different sizes.

Depths vary around the lake and range from 2ft in the margins and up to the features, increasing to 8ft in the middle areas of the lake.

The Oak Tree Pond is renowned for its huge stocks of carp along with a mixed variety of silverfish so whatever your target species is, you are almost certain to get in on the action and catch plenty of fish.

Peg Locations

What You Need To Know...


3.2 acres (1.3ha)
Pegs: 49




Crucian Carp
Bronze / Silver Bream
Tench / Golden Tench

Best Baits

Bread, maggots, pellets, corn and meat.


During the warmer months you are almost certain to catch on any bait or method you choose whether it be on a rod and line or a pole.

Bread can be a fantastic way of picking out the larger carp off the surface in the warmer months with fishery pellets, corn and meat equally as effective.

If you are a beginner or simply want to catch anything that swims, maggots fished on the pole or waggler are extremely effective and can often result in a ‘bite a chuck’.