Our Team - Dedicated professionals

"Run by anglers for anglers"

The team at Messingham Sands Fishery would like to welcome all anglers to our complex and it is our aim to provide a safe, tranquil and enjoyable environment for all anglers.

Taking ownership of the fishery in March 2021, we are striving to provide the highest quality fishing experience we possibly can and make Messingham Sands Fishery one of the best commercial fisheries in the country. Being keen anglers ourselves, we understand the needs of you, our customers and we endeavour to continually improve the fishery to ensure it meets with all of your expectations.

Our Lakes - Messingham Sands

At Messingham Sands Fishery we are very privileged to have 8 on site lakes spread over an extensive 56 acres set in beautiful and tranquil surroundings with each lake stocked with a high stock of quality fish of varying species. We have 3 dedicated pleasure lakes, with night fishing available, 3 match lakes along with 2 syndicate lakes that are all open all year round. There are a further 3 off site lakes (Johnson’s Fishery) also set in picturesque surroundings, that we support.

The lakes have been designed to cater for all types of anglers from topflight match anglers, dedicated club anglers, specimen anglers and pleasure anglers of all abilities. All of our lakes have a wide variety species of all sizes to suit the aspirations of all our anglers. Our pleasure and specimen lakes hold carp to over 30lb and catfish to over 60lb with also a good head of silverfish, smaller carp and other species. Our match lakes are renowned for their prolific sport with large weights of both carp and silverfish caught all year round. For more information on our lakes please see our Our Lakes page.

Before visiting the fishery, please ensure you are aware of the fishery rules. These can be seen on our Fishery Rules page and also on the signs around the complex.

  To have fun and enjoy the lakes and the natural surroundings

  To maintain healthy fish stocks and have happy anglers

  To advance the quality of angling at the lakes for the future

Our Shop - Stocked with the best

We have an on-site fishery shop that is comprehensively stocked with tackle and bait along with a selection of confectionery items.

The future is extremely exciting for us and we look forward to sharing the fishery experience with you all.

We hope you will enjoy your fishing and we welcome your feedback on your experience in order that we can continue to develop the fishery to meet the needs of all anglers. If you require any further information prior to your visit please visit our Contact Us page and do not hesitate to get in touch.

Our Fish - An abundance of species

Take a look at just some of the fish our anglers have the pleasure in catching...