Two lakes in One!

The Swan Pond and Little Swan, formally one lake, both have plenty of water for the match angler to work with.

Both lakes have underwater features creating holding places for the fish, with islands and margin features also present.

The main Swan Pond and Little Swan suits the hard working angler as feeding patterns and methods have to be perfect on the day in order to achieve the best results. With depths up to 14ft, the fish can take some finding but with the correct method in the right conditions large match weights are often recorded.

The two lakes contains a terrific head of carp and with an average stamp of 6lb-8lb, match weights of 200lb+ are regularly caught with the lake record currently standing at an outstanding 391lb.

The silverfish fishing this lake also has to offer is exceptional, with mixed bags often making the main frame in the matches.

Even in the coldest of weather you can almost guarantee fantastic weights of silverfish with most match anglers managing ‘a bite a chuck’ from the resident roach and skimmers.

Peg Locations

What You Need To Know...


Swan 6.6 acres (2.7ha), Little Swan 1.7 acres (0.7ha)
Pegs: 58




Crucian Carp
Bronze / Silver Bream
Tench / Golden Tench

Best Baits

Pellets, corn and meat.


If carp are the target species, the fishery 11mm pellets are without doubt the standout bait as they tend to discourage the fantastic head of silverfish and pick out the better quality carp.

With the depths up to 14ft, the pellet waggler in particular can be a deadly method as it allows anglers to find the depths that the fish are willing to feed at. Both the bomb and pole can also be effective to target the carp if the conditions are right.

The silverfish tend to respond well to the fishery 4mm and 6mm expanders fished over a bed of 2mm micro pellets or ground bait. The 6mm expanders tend to pick out the larger skimmers and bream although maggots, casters, worms, corn, meat and paste can be equally effective, especially when the water temperature starts drops.



The Swan Ponds are match only lakes and can only be fished in pre-booked and open matches.

No practice or pleasure fishing is allowed. We feel that by restricting this lakes to matches only, the use of the lake is preserved, generating larger weights for our match anglers all year round.

If you wish to book a match with us please get in contact with us and we will do our upmost to accommodate you for the dates you require.

For more information on match bookings please see our Match Bookings page.