Day Ticket Lakes

All of our day ticket lakes are reserved solely for the pleasure angler, guaranteeing available pegs at all times. Please ensure that before visiting the fishery you are aware of our fishery rules. These can be viewed on our Fishery Rules page and also outside the fishery shop. A maximum of 2 rods per angler can be used at any one time.

Night fishing is available on the North and South Lakes from the double pegs only. Booking in advance for night fishing must be made. Further details can be found on our Night Fishing page.

Day Ticket Pricing - Options

Day tickets are available both on the bank and from our fishery shop.

  £ 6 - Single Rod

   £ 8 - 2 Rods

  £ 5 - Concessions

  £ 5 - Evening Ticket (after 5pm)