Dedicated to the specialist angler...

Lenny’s Lake is the largest of our 2 syndicate lakes that are renowned for their picturesque settings and diverse fishing experience that they provide to our syndicate members.

Lenny's Lake, along with Ralph's Lake, are dedicated to our syndicate members, no pleasure anglers or guests are allowed on either lake.

For more information on the syndicate membership we offer, please see our Syndicate Membership page.

With a generous stock of 20lb+ carp (up to 32lb) and Catfish to over 58lb, Lenny's Lake has a wide variety of swims available, each offering different areas of the lake for our syndicate members to target.

The spacing between the swims is extremely generous, giving members plenty of room and water to work with.

What You Need To Know...


6.5 acres (2.6ha)
Pegs: 22




Carp (30lbs+)
Catfish (58lbs+)

Best Baits

Boilies, Pellets, Meat and Deadbaits.


The resident and characteristic carp that Lenny's Lake is renowned for, can be caught using traditional carp tactics with lead clips / helicopter rigs being the common choice of our syndicate members. Fish can be caught from all 22 swims and at all different ranges and distances. During the warmer months, the margins can be extremely effective with the fish tending to back off into the deeper water in the middle of the lake during the cooler months. The choice of baits can be very personal to the angler with a large selection of different baits proving to be successful. However, a bed of particles such as corn and hemp along with fishery pellets are very popular with flavoured boilies, wafters and popups being the chosen hookbaits.

The specimen catfish that reside in Lenny's Lake have seen fantastic growth rates over the last few seasons. Whilst many of our syndicate members land the catfish using traditional carp tactics, whilst targeting the carp, the anglers specifically targeting the catfish favour a running rig setup over a traditional lead clip / bolt rig set-up. These hard fighting fish tend to hold around areas of the lakes where cover is present and are often tempted with highly attractive fishy baits with 15mm+ krill or cell boilies being some of our syndicate members' favourites.