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The Day Ticket Lakes at Messingham Sands

 Day tickets are available on three separate waters all of which are reserved solely for the pleasure angler, no matches are held on these lakes thus guaranteeing that there are pegs available at all times.

The Oak Tree

This is one of the best Day Ticket lakes you could ever hope to fish, it is really well stocked with a variety of species and gives excellent all year round sport. Anglers target the Carp in particular during the warmer months and take really good mixed bags of Carp, Skimmers, Rudd and Chub when temperatures fall. A bite a cast is almost guaranteed on light tackle even in the coldest weather.
The lake is on the right immediately as you enter the fishery with vehicular access to every one of the 50 pegs.
During the warmer weather almost any bait or method will meet with success, including pellet, corn, meat, bread etc and100lb plus catches are commonplace.
During the winter months baits such as soft pellet, maggots and casters come into their own.
Please use THIS LINK to view a map of the fishery and layout.
Please check the fishery rules section for the Day Ticket lakes using THIS LINK.

A section of the Oak Tree day ticket lake

50 well spaced comfortable pegs

One of the most popular day ticket lakes in the area

A youngster enjoys the sport on this well stocked lake


Night  Fishing.

Due to the popularity of the night fishing on the North and South Lakes, we have added another night fishing peg to the South Lake.

There are now 3 double pegs on the South Lake:-The Point, The Birches, and The Boards.

There are also two double pegs on the North Lake:-The High Bank and the Grassy Bank.

These are available for night fishing sessions from 9.00 a.m. on the day of the booking to 9.00 a.m. the following day.

From April 1st, the cost will be 22 per person for a maximum of 2 rods.

Minimum number of anglers per peg,

 Weekends, (Friday Night to Sunday Night) 2 people

Midweek ,(Monday Night to Thursday Night) 1 person

No non fishing guests allowed on site outside of the normal day ticket hours.


Any booking made more than 48 hours in advance must be paid for in full.

This can be done over the phone by credit card or by Paypal to sands929@yahoo.com

Any bookings which are made less than 48 hours in advance can be paid for on the day of arrival.

To arrange a booking please telephone or text a message to 07399546266.

The North Day Ticket Lake

This lake is popular for the quality of the fish with many species present to specimen sizes. Although there is a good head of Carp to over 25lbs and a few Catfish to 40lbs plus, which both respond to traditional Carp fishing tactics, it is the silver fish which are the jewels in the crown. Roach and Rudd to 2lbs, plus quality Skimmers and larger Bream to over 5lbs, Perch to over 4lbs and a few Chub to 6lbs can be caught. Up in the water tactics with maggots or casters will produce a bite a cast all year round and the mixture of fish species always makes for an interesting day.
There are around 25 pegs including some in a channel which respond well to waggler tactics and a large deep basin which is very popular in the winter.

A section of the basin on the North day ticket

Looking down the cut on the North day ticket opening to the basin

The South Day Ticket

The South day ticket lake is always in great form producing quality fish for visiting anglers. It has 25 well spaced pegs and is well suited to the natural angler, this lake tends to be overlooked with many anglers preferring to fish the Oak Tree lake instead but this lake holds many specimen sized fish which can be caught quite easily on a wide variation of methods and baits, If you are happy catching quality Roach all day then this is the place to fish with individual fish weighing in at more than 2lbs and many other fish attaining specimen proportions, the Carp and Catfish can be caught on a wide variation of methods including on the surface and up in the water but the better fish are normally caught on more traditional bomb or feeder rigs using bigger baits that the smaller fish cannot get to, if you are a bit of a purist angler and enjoy fishing for fighting fit fish then this is the lake for you.

A view of the south day ticket

The lake has 25 comfortable well spaced pegs

A view of the lake from the road side

Please visit the fishery rules section of this site by using this link

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